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The Best Writing Advice I’ve Ever Heard—and How to Implement It
February 11, 2021
Years ago, I came across a nugget of advice that transformed my writing process, opening me to a next-level understanding of my story and where it needed to go. I'm excited to share it with you...
How I Got My Agent (and Nearly Gave Birth in the Process)
October 25, 2020
This story involves almost going into labor. Literally. The emotions run that high. They run high because the climactic moment of our story—the arrival of that singular “yes”...
An Accidental #FallWritingFrenzy
October 5, 2020
A skeleton costume inspires a last minute story in 162 words for the 2020 #FallWritingFrenzy. Read IT WAS AN ACCIDENT here.
Flinging Wide the Shutters
October 1, 2020
In which I welcome you to my bookish blog...
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