Flinging Wide the Shutters

October 1, 2020

Speak, friend, and enter. I’m imagining you saying, “Mellon,” and staring at your screen waiting for a portal to open onto a moonlit room full of books and nooks and curl-up-able armchairs in which we meet and talk writing or just sit quietly together in our stories, because wouldn’t that truly be the magic of the internet?

In lieu of that, I offer you this blog. A window into my mind on all things bookish and creative. It isn’t quite a room, but like any good window, we can open the glass panes, fling wide the shutters, lean over the sill, and connect. I’ll try to lean out regularly and share the latest goings on, and I do hope you’ll reply. These goings on may be anything from books news, to reviews, to interviews, to my latest muse, to writing breakthroughs, to story-inspired tattoos. I’ll try to keep the run-on rhymes to a minimum.

What more to say? Thank you for weaving this story with me. Like every story I put my pen to, I promise to make it a good one.

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